Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What i MISS.

Hello there! Assalamualaikum peeps! :)

Gahhhhhh....All of sudden I have the temptation to write a post at midnight. I need to express something. So, here I am..eager to throw my bottled up feelings on my blog. Nahhhh..it is not an interesting story ponnn. Just a matter of sharing and doing a bit of flashbacks on WHAT I MISS. But of course a positive flashbacks though. :)

1)I miss high school.
If u asked me the best memory I've ever had in my life, my one and only answer would be during high school. Why? Because high school was the place where I collected so many memorable experiences. I had the best time of my life there. My 5 years of high school contained indisputable good memories. I enjoyed being a high school student because I met many good friends and there were millions of awesome things happened. *ok to be exact, I didn't count LOL*  Great teachers, cool schoolmates, having crushes, marching, debate, and the list goes on. Having crushes was the most childish thing I could remember =.=. Because when I think about it now, I feel like asking myself, "what were you thinking at that particular time? macamlah takde orang lain." Haha. :p Then I remember that I joined a competition called 'Forum Remaja'. I was the 'pengerusi majlis' with my 3 other friends as the panels. It was our first experience joining that competition but it wasn't that bad though because we managed to attain the 3rd place. And guess what? I was rewarded the best 'pengerusi majlis'! woot woot hehe. Other good memories would be 8as in PMR, getting the 'tokoh pelajar' award as well as 'the best student for spm'. I also joined many activities during high school. I've been to many programmes like 'sukarelawan al-falah', quizzes, camping, and me and my friends also joined a 'merdeka celebration programme' in which we had to dance! Sounds fun right? I told you I had great high school experience. hehe. If i want to list everything about high school, then I'll be writing non-stop.

2) I miss childhood.
Childhood was my fearless time in life! hehe. I spent most of my childhood in UiTM Shah Alam because we lived there for a few years. My first kindergaten was in UiTM and as far as I remember, there was one unforgettable incident happened on my first day there. I waited for my father to pick me up but I didn't know why suddenly I decided to walk by myself instead of continue to wait. Fyi, I was only 4 years old at that time. Because I thought that I remembered the way and direction to go home but then I realized that I was wrong. stupid me =.=. So I just continued walking and finding myself lost. But luckily I was found by 'mak guard' and she took me to my father. Ohhh pity ayah had to worry about me.huhu. I love to play a lot with my neighbours as UiTM is very big for us to explore hehe. Sometimes we got scolded by ayah for forgetting to come home early and being so stubborn. Haish. Every night, me, my brother and my neighbours will go to another block for 'mengaji' and we walked together. Goshh the journey can become scary if light was off and UiTM students were having holiday. After mengaji we liked to play 'kejar2'. Yup, childhood was full of fun and happiness. Besides, I was a feminine girl during childhood and I am still a feminine girl until now. hehe. I love to wear skirts and I had a collection of beautiful skirts! I was lucky enough because my parents were pampering me with beautiful clothes and the best thing was I had the power to choose which one i like! But now, I prefer to wear jeans compared to long skirts and of course with the touch of feminity.hehe.

These are two different timeline in my life that I miss the most! Maybe next time I'll be writing other things that I miss. InsyaAllah. Ok darlings, cherish your life, keep the good memories and delete the bad ones. I have my last paper on wednesday. Then, holiday for 2 weeks! I cannot wait weeee~ Take care :)  


  1. yin, I miss you. so much. nak call tapi yin busy hukhuk. I pun busy jugak. nanti kita meses eh.

    1. xpe nnti kita cuti, we'll catch up latest story, especially about u. hehe.